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Just for fun I sent out a post on Facebook that said -when Bill and I purchased our first car together, my husband’s parents said, “our first home didn’t cost that much”.  How much did yours or your parent’s first home cost?  What year was it purchased? and, Where was it located?

That got quite a few people posting comments.  On parent’s homes, there were figures from $15,000 in 1963 outside of Washington DC to $42,000 in 1967 in Quincy FL.  The range on first homes for my FB friends was $26,000 in 1981 in Marianna FL to $49,000 in 1983 in Panama City FL. If these homes were held for any typical length of time, they probably produced a profit for the homeowner or their estate.

Over the years we have all had a financial advisor at one time or another

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Welcome to our new web site.  When we decided to change our web site, we opted for the most customer friendly real estate site developers in the United States.  You can easily find the home or property of your dreams, gain community insight and start the purchase or sale process right here on our site.   

Our blog will give you a flavor of the local community as well as the real estate market along the Gulf Coast of Florida.  So sit back, relax and make yourself home at The Beaches 360.

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