Aqua Resort Condos -- The Comforts of Home right on the Gulf of Mexico

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About the condo’s

Aqua Units for Sale

The Aqua Resort Condo building is the right place for people that never accept second best. The structure of the building may not have been built on the Gulf of Mexico, but it is made to look as if it was. Rather than looking like an out of place addition, it complements the beautiful scenery nicely. It actually sits on the beach making breakfast straight onto beautiful sands a reality. 

From the condo’s the views are picture perfect with the clean beautiful waters sparkling up at you, with dolphins playfully enjoying their surroundings too. Your senses will be in overload the second you open a window and take in the entire splendor the natural surroundings have to offer.

Aqua Resort Condos for Sale

Why invest in Condo homes at Aqua Beachside?

Whether looking for a Gulf front property to retire to, a holiday home or an investment to rent out when you are not there yourself whatever the size of your family the condos are just right for you. There are couples, singles and families that stay there permanently and those that visit to escape modern life and kick back for a few days. There are different size condo’s from studio condo’s ideal for the single occupant up to four bed roomed with enough space to enjoy life whether indoors or outside. You can choose from 400 square feet, up to over 1,500 with three bedrooms! These luxurious units have seen rental number exceed $70,000 gross annually.

Luxurious living

One of the saddest parts of visiting a beautiful city and having a taste of luxury is the day you know you have to leave. If you like to spend harsh winters in your home city or your twilight years away from stress, overcrowding and the usual fast pace, then this is the place for you. The condo will soon become the best home you have ever had with the biggest garden of clean sand and waters you could ever wish for.

All of the condo’s have modern kitchens already fitted, terraces to dine, relax or work in the sun and breathtaking sights, huge bathrooms, full length windows to make the most of your view and your own washers and dryers. Your own private balcony allows you to enjoy the beauty without having to share it with other residents for romantic nights under the stars, photograph opportunities or relaxation.

Outside entertainment

You don’t have to venture far to find entertainment within the complex. The delightful cascading waterfall is right in the lobby to greet you on your return. The resort itself begins the second you step outside of the complex and has two heated pools as well as a hot tub to unwind in and water gardens to enjoy. For further relaxation is the spa and aromatherapy centre, which you could complete with having lunch every single day at the poolside.

For younger ones there are lots of activities from face painting to making sandcastles, the children can even make their own T-shirts to get their creative juices going. This is not just a holiday complex; this could be your new home where every day feels like a holiday no matter how old you are.

The beautiful surroundings can provide all the entertainment you need, but if you or another member of your family don’t venture far from your gadgets then you will be pleased to know that you can get WiFi access right at the poolside. If you work from home, then where better to catch up on emails, Skype calls or even social networking? You don’t need to worry about where to park if you drive as there is a covered parking garage available to keep your wheels safe too! 

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