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RanchSouth Walton may be known for the beaches and some of the beach attractions, but there's a little more to the area than just beaches. If you love horses, you may enjoy a trail ride form Arnett's Gulfside Trail Rides. This former private ranch for show horses has become one of the best ways to enjoy a horseback ride in South Walton.

An Alternative to the Beach

The beach is a great attraction, but sometimes you need something a little bit different. Arnett's Gulfside Trail Rides provides a great alternative with both trail rides and lessons. Group rides are available four times daily, but they do fill up pretty fast.

Each ride is one hour long and includes two guides. There is a sort intro sessions before heading out on the trail, so that everybody feels comfortable. The horses are all highly trained and well-behaved, as well.

Point Washington State Forest

Since the ranch connects to the Point Washington State Forest, it only makes sense for the trail rides to take groups through the forest. This forest contains plenty of pine trees, blue lupines and native grasses. Thousands of acres provide plenty of area to explore and the trails are designed for horseback riding.

The Ranch

The horse ranch is actually found in Santa Rose Beach and covers about 20 acres. It's very close to the 13,800-acre Point Washington State Forest and its found less than a half-mile from the 30A white sand beaches.

The ranch provides trail rides, camping and stables year-round. You can actually stay at the ranch, take lessons and enjoy a little bit of something different within the Emerald Coast area.

The ranch provides lessons and trail rides for all skill levels. Whether you're just starting or you've been riding horses all your life, you can enjoy this incredible attraction near South Walton.

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