Discovering Your New Home in Carillon Beach

Posted by Beaches360 Administrator on Thursday, August 29th, 2013 at 1:44pm

Lake Powell provides one of the unique places throughout the world with both fresh and salt water. The Gulf of Mexico joins with the lake creating a unique ecosystem with fauna, wildlife and flora. This is an exciting area for scientists, but it's also a great area to live. With over 750-acres, Lake Powell is the largest coastal dune lake in the state. It was declared as a Pristine Florida Waterway many years ago and it's a great place for all kinds of water activities.

The Village

The sandy beaches are a huge reason to choose Carillon Beach for your second home. The area contains over 100 acres with nearly 4,000 feet of shoreline. In the middle of the village, Lake Carillon provides 13 acres of water with migratory birds, turtles, bass, blue herons and sometimes eagles.


Carillon Beach is filled with great attractions from Market Street to the beach. These attractions make this a great place to live for families, professionals and those seeking a new vacation spot. Whether you plan to make the area your first home or your second, you're sure to find plenty of entertainment.

Market Street is one of the main areas, found at the center of the village with plenty of shops, galleries and restaurants. It's a great place to gather, relax and enjoy the open-air environment.


The parks, walkways and lakes provide plenty of great opportunities for recreation throughout the area. Many residents enjoy swimming, tennis, kayaking, surfing, lake fishing, snorkeling, sailboarding and many other activities. Kids and adults can find all types of things to do at the many parks and beaches throughout the area.


If you want to make Carillon Beach your vacation home, you can find single-family homes ranging from $400,000 to nearly $3 million. Other types of real estate are available, but single-family homes are most prevalent throughout the area.

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