Four Reasons to List Your Real Estate with Us

Posted by Kathy S Bass on Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 10:56am

     When you decide to hire a real estate agent to sell your Gulf Coast home or condo, how do you choose? Do you consider the company or the agent? or both?  Some people choose their best friend who just got their real estate license to help supplement their income. Normally they fix cars but they can now sell you a house! I was once chosen because a mother liked my picture on our website! Others ask family members if they know of someone to recommend. Sometimes these choices work out great, but many times they end with hurt feelings, unmet expectations, and the property still listed for sale, or worse, in a court battle.

     Here are some things to consider before you interview and select an agent to represent you in a real estate transaction. (1) How much did their company sell last year? Agents associated with a company that has a large volume typically get more floor calls because they have more listings. This aids in selling your property because the customers that call about an unrelated property that is comparable to your property can also be sent the information on your property when responding to the request. Signs generate customer calls. More listings, more signs. Counts Real Estate Group closed over $210,000,000.00 in 20102 which means we have lots of signs. (2) How much does a company spend on marketing and advertising? Counts Real Estate spends over $25,000.00 PER MONTH on signs, printed materials, inteternet websites, newspaper, visual tours, real estate trade publications, television, and bill boards. (3) The agent you choose should be able to outline a marketing plan and (4) demonstrate a knowledge of current properties similiar and sales competing with your property. It would be better to pick an agent that is a full time professional.  If you would not take your car to a neighbor's house to have him repair it in the back yard, then why would you trust one of your largest transactions to a pat time real estate agent? The only way this makes sense is if you are trying to help someone out and you don't care if pricing, documentation, marketing, and closing are all legal.

     Choosing a real estate agent should be completed with all the care of choosing a doctor. You should expect professionalism, honesty, knowledge and regular communication about all activity on your property. Alan Graham and Kathy Bass strive with every customer to meet all of these expectations.  



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