Panama City Beach Breaks Bikini Parade Record

Posted by Kathy S Bass on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 at 8:03am

Spring is easy to recognize at Panama City Beach.  Its when thousands of young people descend on our area and they parade up and down the beach in bikinis, board shorts, sunglasses and chill bumps.  Yesterday was no exception to that same scenario but there was purpose behind this "parade".  Panama City Beach was challenging the Guiness Record for a Bikini Parade on the beach and trying to wrangle the title away from Surfer's Paradise Beach in Australia.  Participants showed up at 9:00 am at Harpoon Harry's for registration and the official parade began at 11:30 am.  The bikini parade made its way down the white sandy beaches of Panama City Beach while our emerald green waters shimmered nearby. They marched one mile down the beach and back again then waited anxiously for the Guiness official's announcement.  Guiness representative Philip Robertson, a handsome young man himself, had forewarned the participants that they must abide by all the rules including keeping all parts of their bikini in tact or face disqualification and perhaps a "the police may want to have a word with you".  Everyone played by the rules and Robertson dramatically announced that "Panama City Beach had just set a new world record of 450 bikini paraders, 93 more than the previous record".  Austrailia has already announced that is Panama City Beach  beat their record they would attempt to win it back.  Local officials have also had calls from South Florida promoters wanting information on how to stage their own bikini parades.  The participants showed their allegiance to their country by carrying American flags and shouting USA, USA!  Spring Break and the spring tourist season at Panama City Beach have started out with a bang this year and a new Guiness Book record. 

For more information about the Bikini Parade, see the New's Heralds coverage of the event at

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