South Walton Getting a Skate Park Soon

Posted by Beaches360 Administrator on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 at 1:56pm

The Walton County Board of County Commissioners met on September 26th to discuss the possible locations for a new sports complex in the South Walton area. One of the things they discussed as an inclusion to the plan was a skate park. The assistant manager at Central Square Records, Matt Barton, believe this is a necessary part of the plans.

Barton worked hard to get a skate park built in Albany, Georgia before he moved to the South Walton area. He's been a resident over the past four years and has attended two of the three meetings including discussions about the sports complex. He was able to give his input at the September 26th meeting.

Three sites have been presented, with one not being able to accommodate a skate park. However, the other two could easily provide exactly what's needed for a skate park. These two include a location found off U.S. Highway 98E and another one found off Chat Holley and U.S. Highway 98.

Barton believes a skate park will add to the support of the youth athletics in the area and will be filled with people. He believes, since this is already a skate, surf and beach culture, a skate park only makes sense. Barton believes at least 50 people will use the park daily. He bases this believe on the fact that the 30A board shop is open and many boards are being sold.

The skate park would provide a place for both skateboarders and BMX bikers, like Barton, to enjoy their sports. A park used to be available in the Fort Walton area and Barton used to drive there, but it has close. Now, the closest skate park is found in Tallahassee and he goes there about twice a month.

Barton stated, he's not the only one driving this far to use the facility in Tallahassee and he would use a skate park in South Walton two or three times a week, if there was one.

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