Students Helping Create Something Amazing With Coffee

Posted by Beaches360 Administrator on Thursday, November 14th, 2013 at 12:32pm

Coffee BeansCafe Pura was started by four high school students at the Ohana Institute in Rosemary Beach. Sophie Plummer, Carlton Ragsdale, Hannah Tarleton and Coy Torreblanca worked on this project in their Entrepreneurship class along with Amavida Coffee and Tea.

Cafe Pura is a non-profit organization with the ability to help grow the coffee community in Chiapas, Mexico. Their major goal is to raise money to help this area gain the access they need to clean water. The company is trying to raise around $15,000, which will help fund a clean water system and a student trip to the area.

The company is found at the Rosemary Beach Farmers Market from 9am to 1:30pm every Sunday. They provide Fair Trade Amavida Coffee to the public with the funds going to help their cause.

Why Cafe Pura?

The students chose this product because they believe the cause is very noble and necessary. Due to the need for basic necessities in the Chiapas area, the student believed this was the right choice. They want to help provide clean water to an area in desperate need of it.

Water-related illness is one of the leading killers in the world and areas without clean water often suffer many diseases. Not only is the problem causing disease, but it also causes women and children to walk miles up and down a mountain to collect water that's still only questionably clean, at best. This journey for water takes up most of their day.

With a clean water system in this area of Mexico, the women could actually spend time educating their children and help develop the community. Cafe Pura hopes to solve this problem and they are working to raise funds with every cup of coffee they sell at the farmers market.

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