What Do You LOVE About Your Home?

Posted by Beaches360 Administrator on Monday, November 28th, 2011 at 1:22pm

I recently asked my Facebook friends what was the one thing they loved about their home and the one thing they hated. I got some eye opening comments.

The things they liked about their homes were more intangible and the things they hated were more tangible. They hated the carpet, the paint, and the size of bedrooms. They loved the location, the proximity to shopping and the view.

I could write for days about view, considering I have a unique opportunity to observe the wildlife and people who live in and around Upper Goose Bayou through my back windows or on my back porch (patio).When we bought the house, we liked the floor plan, number of bedrooms, kitchen flow and décor but we LOVED the view. That is what convinced us to change all our plans and buy instead of build.


Out of the blue one day we got a phone call from a friend who told us the house next door to them had come up for sale and they really wanted us to look at it. Their motivation was twofold, we were family friends and they shared the dock to the split boathouses with this neighboring house.

With our concrete plans to build on our lots and a mindset that we couldn’t possibly afford a home on the water, we politely declined. That same week we were slammed with major sewage line problems and ended up with an open trench and tired looking cast iron pipes needing repair between our existing home and the street. This made for interesting “water management” issues that week and led to my husband’s desire to eat out every day for lunch instead of going home. Something to do with not wanting to “watch plumbers I’m paying $75 per hour stand around leaning on shovels”. So on that particular day, we decided to pick up a couple of Cahall’s deli sandwiches and ride around. We headed over to
our friend’s neighborhood to look at the house. We even snuck around to the back yard and then decided we might just need to check the sales price on the house. Then we made the ultimate faux pas for those not wanting to buy a house, we called the realtor.

 Check back for, in the infamous words of Paul Harvey, "the rest of the story..."

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