You Paid How Much for Your First Home?

Posted by Beaches360 Administrator on Monday, November 28th, 2011 at 1:16pm

Just for fun I sent out a post on Facebook that said -when Bill and I purchased our first car together, my husband’s parents said, “our first home didn’t cost that much”How much did yours or your parent’s first home cost?  What year was it purchased? and, Where was it located?

That got quite a few people posting comments.  On parent’s homes, there were figures from $15,000 in 1963 outside of Washington DC to $42,000 in 1967 in Quincy FL.  The range on first homes for my FB friends was $26,000 in 1981 in Marianna FL to $49,000 in 1983 in Panama City FL. If these homes were held for any typical length of time, they probably produced a profit for the homeowner or their estate.

Over the years we have all had a financial advisor at one time or another recommend stocks as a good income producing investment.  You’ll also hear many older adults pontificate about the value of owning property as a good investment (remember, they aren’t making any more of it).  But
what about today?  Is buying real estate a good investment?  Personally, I still think it is a good investment, even in this slow economic market.  There are deals to be had that can still reap the growth of past years; it just takes research and knowing the market.  There are two ways to research and learn the market, you can spend time on the internet and “riding” properties for sale or you can hire a professional. 

A professional is someone who has been educated and has completed a professional certification process.  They are also individuals who have gained valuable inside information that only a seasoned and knowledgeable veteran can know.  The advantage of working at Counts Real Estate Group is that we have a very deep well of seasoned Realtors with knowledge in general real estate as well as specialists in income producing properties, both commercial and residential.  These knowledge specialists share their knowledge and insight with us rookies to help us guide our customers in making sound, profitable decisions. 


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