Miramar Ice Cream Shops

Posted by Beaches360 Administrator on Monday, September 22nd, 2014 at 12:39pm

The average person in the United States eats 48 pints of ice cream each year. There is little better than enjoying a frozen treat with your family on a sunny day. Miramar Beach offers no shortage of ice cream shops. 

Dippin' Dots-Located on Highway 98, Dippin' Dots offers delicious family favorites in the form of their unique frozen dots. Known as "the ice cream of the future," Dippin' Dots are tiny beats of ice cream, yogurt and sherbet made through a cryogenic freezing process. 

San Gelato Cafe-San Gelato cafe offers over 50 varieties of gelato and sorbet. Gelato is a popular frozen dessert that is naturally 93% fat free. It is known for having a velvety texture and rich taste. Popular flavors include lemon sorbetto, coconut gelato, blood orange sorbetto, caramel sea salt gelato, tuscan tiramisu gelato, mango sorbetto, vanilla gelato, triple chocolate gelato, pistachio gilato and more.

Yogurt Mountain-Everyone in your family will have fun creating their own delicious dessert creations at Yogurt Mountain. You can choose 16 delicious rotating flavors including green apple candy sorbet, white chocolate mousse, toasted coconut, pink lemonade sorbet, original tart, Moonpie, Cherry Amaretto and much more. Then you can top your treat with over 50 toppings including brownies, caramel wafers, gummies, berries, cookies, whipped cream, caramel, sour sticks, pretzels, cereal and much more. 

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