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Mother's Day Ideas from Scenic Hwy 30a

          Mother's Day is your opportunity to show thanks for the years of boo-boo kisses, advice, diaper changes, dinners, support and love your mother has given to you. Whether you are celebrating your mother, grandmother, spouse or mother figure, Miramar Beach has everything you need for a successful Mother's Day. 
Jewelry stores in the area include McCaskill & Company Fine Jewelers, Zales Jewelers Outlet, KM Jewelers, Sarah Carolyn and Swarovski. McCaskill & Company has been recognized by Harper Bazaar as one of the best watch and jewelry retailers in America. Sarah Carolyn has a cheerful staff that will help you find the perfect sparkly something to make your mother smile. 
Flowers can…
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Mock Deployment Provides Bonding for Tyndall AFB Families
  On April 12, children of military families got the rare opportunity to participate in some of the experiences of deployment. This was a great experience both for parents and children!    At the Tyndall Air Force Base, children took part in a mock deployment that allowed them to see a side of the air force base that they don't typically get to experience. Children of all ages participated in the mock deployment.    Parents and children alike enjoyed the experience. Parents got to show their children what they do for a living, and children bonded with their parents as they began to understand some of what their parents do while they are deployed.    The mock deployment…
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There is no doubt about it — fruits and vegetables are the staple to any healthy diet. Not only do they provide much-needed vitamins and minerals, they are low in fat, high in fiber and high in water content. This means they can help you feel full faster.    Eating the proper amount of fruits and vegetables will not only help you lose weight, it will improve your overall health, making your skin healthy and radiant, your fingernails strong, your eyes bright and your hair shiny.    One great place to find a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables is to visit your local farmers market! Farmers markets provide communities with healthy, fresh produce and help support local farmers. Not only can you find great produce at farmers markets, you can also…
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Panama City Beach Nostalgia 


     Remember "Beach Blanket Bingo" with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello?  During the 1960's young men would flock to the Panama City Beach looking for summer employment in tourist related job. The glamorous job of "life- guard" was a popular summer job for many college age young men. They would move to the beach for 4-6 months, live in cramped accommodations' and head to the office  at Ed's Beach Service at 6 a.m. for check in. They would then go to their respective beaches to set up chairs, umbrellas, and floats to rent throughout the day. They also sold tanning accelerators, zinc oxide in a tube, and sunburn relief. They had the responsibility of cleaning up the beach, saving lives if necessary, and providing

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PCS to Panama City  / Tyndall AFB: Military Relocation made easy(er)   Ok. So you just received a PCS to Panama City / Tyndall AFB. First of all, congratulations, that is like receiving a ticket to Paradise. Seriously! Life is great here and there are lots of things to do, places to see and a lifestyle that is like no other. But what we have found over the years is that relocations for military families are different and requires someone to understand your needs. We love to serve the PCS relocation needs of local military families and would like to share a couple of things to make your move easier.   Tyndall AFB has privatized military housing   At Tyndall Air Force Base, Balfour Beatty Communities owns and manages the privatized…
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