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It's that time of year again.  The Easter Bunny hops into town in Lynn Haven and shows up at Sharon Sheffield Park for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The games and Bunny visit start at 9:00 AM and the egg hunt starts at 9:30 AM sharp.  Don't be late!!



Age group break downs are 0-3, 4-7, and 8-10. 

Don't forget your basket and camera. 

April 7, 2012

9:00 AM

Sharon Sheffield Park

Downtown Lynn Haven, FL  tripp_easter_2011_300

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Waldorf Astoria Naples FL

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Naples FL for the wedding of the daughter of a dear friend.  I'd never been to Naples, actually never further south in Florida than Tampa.  My expectations were rather high since we were staying at the Naples Waldorf Astoria.  I don't know about you but the words Waldorf Astoria conjur up all kinds of high brow images to me: butlers, women in large sun bonnets, men in ascots and little pocket/purse dogs on leashes with "bling".  But what I came away with is - it's a nice place to visit, but I'll keep my home in paradise, thank you. 


The drive down reminded me once again how large our state of Florida is and the fact that I've always felt we needed to break it into three states

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When I research condos for clients, I ask 3 questions. 1) What is the purpose for your condo purchase? Personal enjoyment, investment, business and pleasure, personal residence 2) How much money are you prepared to put as the down payment? IF you finance, most lenders require 20-25% down and they will normally finance for 15 years and most will only offer an adjustable rate. IF you are wanting the rental income to pay for the expenses of owning the unit, including mortgage payment, you will be required to put down 40%. 3) There are 3 distinct areas with different flavors of Panama City Beach: family oriented, condo canyon (think spring break) , and the secluded west end. Which is your preference?

By answering these questions I can guide you to

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We've made it a family tradition to spend time at our family's condo for spring break for the past 6 years.  This week was no exception.  Although at our house it is a little tricky to work it in.  When one bread winner is a CPA and this is his busiest time of year and the other bread winner (you guessed it-me) is a Realtor and this is my busiest time of year, it makes taking time away a bit of a struggle. 

We did work it out and we've had quite a parade of young people 16 to 22 years of age snacking, laughing and depositing sand throughout our condo and parking their tired, tanned bodies on our fold out couch and numerous beds around the condo.  Tonight we have just two here as our oldest headed back to FSU today, our youngest is with girlfriends at

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The spring breakers and families are here and God supplied us with perfect weather to motivate visitors to become homeowners in the Gulf Coast area.  After a flood on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, the weather has steadily warmed up and it is sunny with a light breeze and temps in the high 70s and 80s.  The perfect weather for parasailing, skiing, skim boarding, volleyball and of course, tanning.  Just make sure when your laying or playing on that sugar white sand that you wear plenty of sunblock.  Even with my olive tinted skin I always start the tanning season with at least a 30 sunblock for a trip to Shell Island, fishing or sailing.  It makes crawling into bed that night much less painful and prevents potential skin cancer down the road.  I'll…
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Spring is easy to recognize at Panama City Beach.  Its when thousands of young people descend on our area and they parade up and down the beach in bikinis, board shorts, sunglasses and chill bumps.  Yesterday was no exception to that same scenario but there was purpose behind this "parade".  Panama City Beach was challenging the Guiness Record for a Bikini Parade on the beach and trying to wrangle the title away from Surfer's Paradise Beach in Australia.  Participants showed up at 9:00 am at Harpoon Harry's for registration and the official parade began at 11:30 am.  The bikini parade made its way down the white sandy beaches of Panama City Beach while our emerald green waters shimmered nearby. They marched one mile down the beach and back again then

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