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      We entertain some interesting questions while people search for the perfect resort hideaway at the beaches of Panama City or South Walton. One of the "misconceptions" is "I will wait until I can pay cash for my investment". That is a noble thought, but it might not provide the best use of your capital for investment or tax shelter purposes.  Tax shelters are not criminal or only for the rich. If you file a short form and take a standard deduction....you got a tax shelter.

      So what is a better way to invest if you have enough to pay the full amount of a condo purchase and get a higher rate of return? "Leverage". I do not counsel on taxation and I am not an accountant, but I have found may

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The Beaches 360 Team of Counts Real Estate Group takes marketing of our customer's homes very seriously.  Both of our Team Leaders have advanced degrees in the marketing field and over 50 years combined corporate marketing experience.  Our marketing plan begins with our customer interview, continues with an extensive internet and print campaign and ends only after we sell the property.  

What do we deliver to our seller's?

  • Agents who LOVE to sell real estate
  • Prelisting package that explains the listing and sale process for your home in detail
  • Professionally edited photos
  • Visual Tour
  • Full Color Oversized Just Listed Postcards Mailed to Potential Buyers 
  • A classy Counts Real Estate yard sign with agent contact phone numbers
  • Regular
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Why should you buy a Gulf front condo right now????

Lowest Price

1)   Gulf front condos have sold at the lowest price over the last 6 months because summer rentals are gone and winter rentals are non-existent or below market value. By the time association fees, mortgage payment, taxes, and insurance were paid, they were losing money in the fall and winter. That makes them more negoatiable on the selling price. That means when you make an offer on a condo and it has to be appraised, that value will be lower and the seller of the condo  will have to meet that price for your lender to loan money on the unit.

Gross Income 

2)  The highest condo rental rates occur from March- September. Eighty percent on the gross income for your new unit will come

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Market at Grand Lagoon

Every Sunday at Pirate's Cove Marina - Panama City Beach - 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Free admission. Live music, ferry rides, chef contests with fresh market goods, local producers, growers, artists, makers and bakers,  check out www.WaterfrontMarkets.org

Down to the Sea

Somethin's Cookin'- 93 E 11th Street, Panama City - 10:30 am

With Hannelore Holland preparing Grouper Provencal, mussels in tomato wine sauce and bread for dipping. Reservations and pricing. 850.769.8979

3 Mo Tenors

Marina Civic Center - Harrison Avenue, Panama City - 7:00 pm - presented by the Panama City Music Assocation

Classically trained tenors will sing opera, jazz, gospel, soul, spirituals, rhythm & blues, the blues and

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     When you decide to hire a real estate agent to sell your Gulf Coast home or condo, how do you choose? Do you consider the company or the agent? or both?  Some people choose their best friend who just got their real estate license to help supplement their income. Normally they fix cars but they can now sell you a house! I was once chosen because a mother liked my picture on our website! Others ask family members if they know of someone to recommend. Sometimes these choices work out great, but many times they end with hurt feelings, unmet expectations, and the property still listed for sale, or worse, in a court battle.

     Here are some things to consider before you interview and select an agent to represent you in a real estate transaction. (1)

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Gulf front condo at The Commodore in Panama City Beach

Most people would think the ground floor is the best choice for a Gulf front rental condo.  Another thought is that higher is better. Both assumptions are wrong.

Ground floor condos offer the most direct path to the pool and the beach, but everybody that walks to the pool or the beach is walking by your unit. It robs you of some of the privacy, higher units afford. You may want to enjoy a morning cup of coffee in your pajamas on the porch, but not with all the early risers jogging by or the maintaince men cleaning the patio and pool.


How about the highest floors for that panoramic view? Maybe for some people who want to be alone, but sometimes the higher floors also come with a longer wait time for the elevator! Remember

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Current Real Estate Market Opportunities That Should Not Be Missed

Only Serious Buyers Are Out

At this time of year, only those purchasers who are serious about buying a home or condo will be in the marketplace. You, your family or your renters will not be bothered and inconvenienced by "lookers".  The lookers are at the mall or online doing their after Christmas bargain shopping.

There is Far Less Competition 

Housing supply always shrinks dramatically at this time of year. Banks and investors will be putting some of the distressed properties they have been slowly releasing to the market out there but for buyers looking for non-distressed properties, the choices will be limited.  This is especially true in Lynn Haven and Panama City Beach. 

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Reasons not to buy a condo based on price per square foot.

Not a good idea. It would be like buying a car by the pound....would you pay the same price per pound for a KIA as a Mercedes? Lower ceiling height make's a condo appear closer to a motel room than an actual vacation experience. Nine to 10' ceilings open up any glass areas facing a panarama  or the Gulf of Mexico. They also give an internal feel of a suite instead of a motel room. The costs SHOULD be higher for the additional ceiling height but unfortunatley appraisers completing a quick estimate of value might miss that and compare only the price per square foot and age. I recommend you search for the additional height for your own personal enjoyment and "curb appeal".

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