Why Do We Celebrate Veteran's Day?

Posted by Beaches360 Administrator on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 at 12:53pm

Why do we celebrate veterans day?

So as History reminds us, World War I (which is one of the biggest war in the history of the world) ended with the Treaty of Versailles. We all know, thousands of soldiers died on the front in this war which went on for many years. The people who lost their lives for this country in this war and all succeeding wars and who served to protect the nation are honored for their contribution to our Freedom. For that, Veterans day is celebrated every year on the 11th of November. Schools and government offices have different memorial programs held on this occasion. Prayers are offered in the honor of the soldiers and their families. Many government offices are given a paid holiday for this day.

Soldiers serve our country day and night all over the world just to ensure that the country is safe. It's the day when we honor and salute those people who sacrificed their life for the Freedom of our nation. There are different ways in which it is celebrated by the people all over the country. There are parades and memorial services in churches, synagogues and cemeteries.  Some businesses offer Free Meals for Homeless Vets on Veterans day while other shops offer sales, freebies and discounts to vets. Some restaurants have special menus on this day. Everybody celebrates in their own way.

We thank the veterans who have given so unselfishly to protect our freedoms.  God Bless America and the scores of people who have and are protecting it.  


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