How to List and Sell a Home in 48 Hours

Posted by Kathy S Bass on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 at 3:04pm






We recently listed and sold homes in Panama City Beach and Lynn Haven within 48 hours.  What does it take to sell a home in 48 hours with a depressed economy, and foreclosures and short sales around every corner you may ask:

1) The right product - in the marketing field, this is number one of the Four Ps, if you don't have a product that is in demand, your pricing, placement and promotion have to be incredibly strong to get past the market's demand for your product - you have to create articificial demand. 


2) The right price - successful sales result from pricing the product at the right price.  The way we find the right price in the real estate world is to compare the home to other recent sales in the market of homes that are like the home we are selling and in close proximity.


2) The right place - to sell a home in this competitive market, you need to get the home information out where it can be seen, in the right place.  This starts with recognizable signage and is followed and supported by the MLS (multiple listing service), social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) and major real estate web sites (, Trulia, Zillow and


3) The right promotion - this is highly dependant on a motivated real estate professional.  If you don't have someone who is an advocate for your home, who is knowledgable about the market and who understands what motivates people to buy, you might as well not start looking for a replacement home.  Promoting starts with the agent believing they can sell your home, helping you stage and prepare the home for sale, taking clear well edited photos,  writing a good description of the homes' sales points and then positioning all of this promotional information where buyers can most easily access it.   



Finally - Help sell your home. 

Locate surveys, termite bonds and appliance brochures to assist your agent in getting good information to the prospective buyers.    

Be flexible with showing times as people, just like you, have busy lives. If the customer can't see your product, they certainly don't know if they want to buy it.

Don't get offended by a low offer. Offers are made by people who, just like you, want a good deal. 

Be willing to compromise - all deals that come together quickly are made by people on both sides who are willing to compromise. 


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